I’m Jill. A creamer-with-my-coffee-type, home decor obsessed deal-finder who loves great packaging, the smell of paper and surprising people with presents.

I’m a bio mom of two, adoptive mom to one and foster mom to a few others – in other words…my house is a mess and I drive a mini van. My husband Dan and I like to do DIY projects around our home and usually get about 80% done before we move onto the next one. There’s currently a ladder sitting in my dining room. We recently purchased a small farm and are laughing our way through learning all sorts of farm things like breeding goats and caring for chickens - it's a real circus around here!

I started Jill + June because boy, do I love a good bargain (I get that from my Nana June). I found myself always on the hunt for affordable items for my home or gifts to give my friends, but I didn’t necessarily have the time to rummage through Home Goods and I didn’t have the budget to buy exactly what I wanted at Anthropologie. And honestly, sometimes I just don’t want to set foot inside a retail store. Bless you, Amazon! But hunting through pages and pages of junk online led me to believe a more curated collection of what I was looking for was needed.

With my branding & creative design background I decided to do exactly what my Nana June always taught me – if you can’t find it, create it yourself. Hence, Jill + June was born.

At Jill + June we believe our homes should reflect real life. And you shouldn’t have to pay a fortune to find unique treasures that bring you joy. And surprising someone with a thoughtful gift is the best feeling ever.

We hope you enjoy our shop that is hand-picked for your real life – and all the beautiful messes that come with it.

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